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Edvins Antonovs


I'm Edvins Antonovs — a front-end engineer and indie maker based in Riga, Latvia.

I'm currently working at Secondmind, a Cambridge-based startup using machine learning to optimise decision-making in automotive engineering.

After hours, I work on various side projects, explore new technologies, and write about code. One of my recent projects is Albion Online Grind — a tool that helps players improve their economy in the popular sandbox MMORPG, Albion Online. I also founded Stealth Labs — a super professional and serious software development company.

I'm a passionate advocate of the "learning in public" movement and track my learning journey. I'm always looking for ways to improve my skills and knowledge, and I'm not afraid to share my experiences (even the failures) with the world.


My first talk at meetup back in 2023.

Random facts about me

  • My work experience spans agencies, outsourcing, startups, scale-ups, and enterprises. I thrive on collaborating with passionate individuals.
  • Beyond code, I find joy in reading, running, and cherishing moments with my family.
  • My tech stack is in a constant state of evolution. This is what I've used in 2022. As per 2024, my tech stack for the side-projects reached it's new form: React, TypeScript, Next.js and Supabase.
  • In 2023, I presented on "Maximising Performance with React Code-splitting Techniques" at the meetup. Speaking engagements are a growing focus, and I'm actively honing my public speaking skills.
  • I achieved two half-marathons (2:19:39 and 2:04:14) in 2023 and ran my first marathon in 2024 (5:08:45).
  • Coffee and pizza are my true obsessions.
  • I recently discovered the world of board games and I'm loving it. My current favourites are Dominion and Carcassonne.
  • I'm cultivating discipline by breaking bad habits, embracing positive ones, and striving to be 1% better every day.

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