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Edvins Antonovs


Hey, I'm Edvins, a senior front-end engineer. This website is my digital garden, where I tinker with things and share my extensive learnings. Take a peek at the projects page to see a highlight of my work and dive into the blog for insightful tutorials, book notes, and more.

I'm a passionate advocate of the "learning in public" movement and meticulously track my learning journey. Feel free to reach out and say hello via email at - I'm always keen to connect with fellow enthusiasts.


Random facts about me

  • By day, I'm a front-end engineer, and by night, I delve into exciting side projects.
  • My work experience spans agencies, outsourcing, startups, scale-ups, and enterprises. I thrive on collaborating with passionate individuals.
  • Beyond code, I find joy in reading, running, and cherishing moments with my family.
  • My tech stack is in a constant state of evolution. Here's what I've been using in 2022.
  • I recently presented on "Maximising Performance with React Code-splitting Techniques" at the meetup in 2023. Speaking engagements are a growing focus, and I'm actively honing my public speaking skills.
  • I achieved two half-marathons (2:19:39 and 2:04:14) in 2023 and have my sights set on run a full marathon under four hours in 2024.
  • Coffee and pizza are my true obsessions.
  • I'm cultivating discipline by breaking detrimental habits, embracing positive ones, and striving to be 1% better every day.
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