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I’m a developer and designer with a strong entrepreneurial spirit who build products users love. I lead a front-end team by the day and do side hustle by the night.

In the past, I’ve worked with companies like Betterware, British Gymnastics, npower, Purplebricks, agencies and studios like FishEye and The Studio 4. I’ve been freelancing, working on open-source and side projects since I’ve started my career.

Today, I am helping to build the cyber risk prioritisation platform at Cyber Owl as a Lead Front-End Developer.


I lead a front-end team by the day and do side hustle by the night.

I’m always keen to expand my engineering and entrepreneurship skills.


Recently, I've relocated from the UK where I lived for 10 years, to work remotely and travel around the Europe with my wife and son while working remotely.

I spent the big part of my life in Riga, Latvia, one of my favourite places in the world.


When I’m not working, I love to read, run and spend time with my family.

I’m a little obsessed with coffee and pizza.

Technology stack

What I’m really interested in working with.

  • Languages: TypeScript, JavaScript
  • Libraries and Frameworks: React, Redux,React NativeNode, Express, GrahpQL
  • Testing frameworks: JestEnzyme,React Testing Library, Cypress
  • Markup and templating: HTML, CSS, SASS, MDX
  • Data and Databases: MongoDB, Firebase Firestore, PostgreSQL 
  • Other: Webpack, Docker, Firebase / Serverless, Figma, Design Systems, Git and Git FlowAgile Project Management

Legacy things I prefer not to touch.

  • Languages: PHP, C# and Unity (familiar)
  • Libraries and Frameworks: Angular and RxJS (familiar)jQueryCodeIgniter
  • Testing frameworks: KarmaMocha,Jasmine 
  • Data and Databases: MySQL,Firebase Realtime Database, Oracle SQLMicrosoft SQL Server 
  • CMS: WordPress and WooCommerceMagento and Joomla (familiar)
  • Other: Gulp, Grunt,Adobe Creative Suite

Get in touch

Let’s open the conversation and see what we could do together.

Drop me a line on or LinkedIn.

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