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DevX Conf 2022 Recap

Last week I’ve attended DevX Conf 2022. I’ve watched 2 days’ worth of talks on the developer experience (DX) topic and made a list of talks which I liked the most. Thus to share it with my colleagues and developers I know.

DevX Conf, so what's it about? It's all about the developer experience. About the daily experience when trying to get the job done. About the developers who write code, use tools, and glue them together to chains. About the developers who review code, communicate and collaborate with colleagues and customers. All that should be efficient, sustainable and joyful.

The Radiating Circles of DevX - Shawn Wang

Code Reviews is more than a crushing Developer Experience - Shanea Leven

Remote development can improve your developer's remote work experience - Maya Kaczorowski

Maybe It's Time to Rethink How You've Been Developing? - Ramiro & Arsh

How to onboard people in a day - Wilson Mar

TDD and the Terminator - An introduction to Test Driven Development - Layla Porter

How Spotify engineers use Backstage daily and keep their lives simple - Himanshu Mishra

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