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List of goals for 2022

During 2021 I had many ups and downs which affected my discipline, focus and mental clarity. These are crucial abilities to succeed in life.

  • Become disciplined, indistractable and learn how to deep focus.


Image by Janis Ozolins

Reading. The goal is to read two books per month or one book per two weeks.

  • Read 24 books
    ↳ I'm interested in are programming, business, psychology, self-help, science, investing, philosophy books. All progress can be tracked via Goodreads.

Eating, exercising, and sleeping. I didn't have consistency in any of those habits last year. This year, I will make sure to improve these core areas as early as possible.

  • Drink plenty of water (~1.5l, every day)
  • Run (2-3 times per week)
    ↳ All progress is tracked via Strava.
  • Do HIIT workout (2-3 times per week)
    ↳ All progress is tracked via Seven.
  • Stop overeating
  • Fast (~13-16 hours, 2-3 times per week)
    ↳ All progress is tracked via Zero.

Writing. I want to learn how to get better at it and build a writing habit. This blog is a perfect place to practice it.

  • Read Julian's handbook on writting well
  • Publish 12 blog posts

Side hustle. Cultivate is my side project which I'm shipping this year.

  • Ship Cultivate
    ↳ It's a habit tracker application which I use to improve my habits.

Psychotherapy. I've started doing it last year. It helped me a lot.

  • Continue with doing psychotherapy sessions until it's enough.

Other things

  • Take control of my finances
    ↳ I've bought variety of books to read about personal finance, investing and F.I.R.E movement.
  • Practice radical acceptance
  • Solve 3x3 Rubik’s cube
    ↳ One of my goals from 2021 which I failed.
  • Run a half-marathon
    ↳ One of my goals from 2021 which I failed.

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