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Edvins Antonovs

My tech stack

Sometimes I got asked about the tech stack I used. I've split this list into two parts - the one I enjoy/would like to work on; the other one - I worked on in the past and am not interested in working on anymore.

By the way, I tend to track the learning process of my engineering-related skills as I like learning in public.

What I’m interested in working with

  • Languages: TypeScript, JavaScript
  • Libraries and Frameworks: React, Redux, Next.js, React NativeNode, Express, GrahpQL
  • Testing frameworks: JestEnzyme,React Testing Library, Cypress
  • Markup and templating: HTML, CSS, CSS Modules, styled-components, SASS, Chakra UI, MDX
  • Data and Databases: MongoDB, Firebase Firestore, Supabase, andPostgreSQL 
  • Other: Webpack, Docker, Firebase / Serverless, Figma, Design Systems, Git and Git FlowAgile Project Management

Things which I have experience working with

  • Languages: PHP, C# and Unity (familiar)
  • Libraries and Frameworks: Angular and RxJS (familiar)jQueryCodeIgniter
  • Testing frameworks: KarmaMocha,Jasmine 
  • Data and Databases: MySQL,Firebase Realtime Database, Oracle SQLMicrosoft SQL Server 
  • CMS: WordPress and WooCommerceMagento and Joomla (familiar)
  • Other: Gulp, Grunt,Adobe Creative Suite
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