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Edvins Antonovs


This page consists of a slowly growing collection of projects and tools I’ve created over the years.

  • Albion Online Grind - (Development)
    Albion Online Grind is an ultimate source for tools to boost player's efficiency in the Albion Online game.

  • Cultivate(Abandoned)
    Habit tracking application to cultivate new habits.

  • Edvins's Digital Garden(Launched)
    Personal blog about software development and side-hustle.

  • react-simple-card(Launched)
    Simple, flexible and easy to use Card component written in React.

  • Hustle Market(Abandoned)
    Marketplace for buying and selling profitable online businesses.

  • Kale(Abandoned)
    Expense tracking bot for Telegram.

  • Stealth Labs(Launched)
    My umbrella company which I use to work with my clients.

  • PotatoCSS(Launched)
    Simple CSS framework for hackers. Simple as potato.

  • Hacker Hype(Abandoned)
    Online hackathon platform, unleash your potential.

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